This is the documentation section for, it was born out of frustration with this particular problem :

"I remember this problem from before, but what was the solution ?"

I have started documenting anything worthwhile since then, and i only delete a section when i know it to be false, or have found a better solution.


So .. there might be some real old stuff in there. Also, i hate documenting as much as you do, so to be done with this evil it's mostly type it and go on so : there WILL be typo's.....

Do not assume this to be a tutorial of some sort, though some pages are set up that way. Many pages just state a problem with quick solution and that is it.


Navigate through the menu's on the left, or do a search to find topics. Using more words effectively results in searching for each word (Search for word1 AND word2). But using quotes around multiple words searches for the exact phrase (Search for "word1 word2" exactly).


As a consequence of the way wsgi scripts are supposed to be linked to directories instead of hostnames, i gave up and put the documentation site at /doc.

So if you want to include a link to a localpage, do it like this, and remember to NOT add the .html !

    <a href=/doc?page=top>this page</a>

this page